Healthbound 18-23 Evaluation


SSF is soliciting community members and health professionals in order to assess the extent to which the activities and projects of the Mouvement de santé en français provide better access to French-language health services thanks to collaboration with various partners.

As such, the evaluation focuses on the wide range of projects and activities that stem from the Healthbound 18-23 programming (over 5 years).

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Recognizing the accomplishments

The evaluation showcases the added value of the Mouvement de santé en français and reflects the reality on the ground. The assessment is based on :

  • 2 online surveys conducted among health professionals and reception/intake staff, and members of the Acadian and Francophone communities in a minority setting (CFASM).
  • Interviews conducted with network partners.

To Improve access to French services

Through recommendations on the progress and evolution of the Mouvement santé en français, the evaluation does more than demonstrate its collective and sustainable impact. The assessment helps communities and contributes to improving access to health care in French.

What is the Healthbound18-23 Program?

The Parcours Santé Program aims to improve access to health services in French for Acadian and Francophone communities in a minority setting (FCASM), while targeting five destinations:


What are the 3 stages of the Evaluation?


What is the Methodological Approach ?

To evaluate the SSF and its networks’ programs, a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach is used. It will be based on the following data sources: