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Société Santé en français, in partnership with 16 French Language Health Networks (FLHNs), enhance community capacities and health systems.

Healthbound 18-23 is the opportunity to display, more clearly than ever, the results of health systems and politics transformations leading to better access to quality French-language services.

Networking is the heart of Société Santé en français actions. Five kind of partners are essentials to health systems transformation: policy makers, health practitioners, health managers, academic institutions and communities.

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Together, Société Santé en français, the FLHNs and their partners are working to achieve five key visions:

Accessible, adapted and actively offered French-language health services and programs in Canada
Mobilized, equipped and valorized human resources offering French-language health services
Health establishments, programs, and policies demonstrate the capacity to offer quality and safe French-language health services in accordance with language of service standards
Systematic collection of the language variable by provinces and territories, thereby providing access to evidence-based planning and decision-making
Francophone and Acadian minority communities become engaged and equipped to take charge of their health and well-being in French

Strategies are deployed to meet these key visions and, ultimatly, ensure that Francophone and Acadian communities in a minority situation have the capacity to fully experience their health in French.

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