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Réseau santé albertain


What We Do and Why

For more than a decade, Réseau santé albertain has been working collaboratively with the health care system and professionals, advocating for language as a key component of quality health care.

With the help of volunteers and funding support from Health Canada through Société Santé en français, we raise awareness and engage stakeholders across the province in an effort to improve access to French-language services in key areas of health.

Priority Areas

We support health promotion programming, especially in schools through the Francophone Sports Federation of Alberta. This organization is tasked with setting up Healthy School action committees.

Our focus is also on mental health, raising awareness and funding first aid courses as a first step to understanding, recognizing and responding to mental health needs and situations.

Developing access to French-language health services in key areas of health remains a priority. Activities are ongoing and include:

  • Conducting population health research and needs assessments;
  • Creating and managing work groups to tackle major issues, e.g. mental health, senior health;
  • Supporting the development of primary health care programming in Calgary;
  • Promoting the active offer of French-language services by health professionals and the active demand for such services by the French-speaking population;
  • Supporting health navigators in providing assistance to patients.


Paul Denis


8627 Marie-Anne-Gaboury
Office 304A, Pavillon II
La Cité Francophone
Edmonton (Alberta)  T6C 3N1

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