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Santé en français (Manitoba)


Our Organization

Better access to French-language services

French- language services for Francophones are quality of care and safety issues. In the health care and social services sector, that means improved health and better service. It also means more accurate diagnoses and treatments which result in greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Santé en français is the representative of Francophones to ensure and promote French-language services in the health care and social services field.

We lead the way to foster access to quality French-language services. Language barriers should not be a barrier to good health. We work with primary health care providers, administrators, partners and allies to ensure Manitoba’s Francophones have the best possible access to the health care and social services they deserve.


Annie Bédard
Executive Director


Tel: (204) 235-3293
Fax: (204) 237-0984 

400 Taché Ave, room 400
Winnipeg (Manitoba)  R2H 3C3