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Research Collaboration

Charting and guiding collaborative research efforts
The pathway from identifying needs in the field, to being able to apply the results of any research, is long and winding. It is important to create opportunities for collaboration as ways of bringing together knowledge producers and knowledge users.
Research Framework
Based on the findings of a Consultative Committee, the SSF has now produced a structural framework (in French only) in order to better chart and guide its collaborative research efforts.
The SSF and the French-language health networks collaborate with a number of research partners on topics relating to French-language health services.
The SSF specifically targets four priority areas of French-language health care:
  • Primary health care
  • Mental health
  • Home care/palliative care
  • Community health
Interested in collaborating with the SSF?
Past research
Innovative Mental Health Practices for Francophone Minority Communities in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Northwest Territories
Research: Van Kemenade, S., Bouchard, L., Savard, J., Savard, S., Oukouomi, G. and Michel, J. N.

A collaboration of the NWT French Health Network of the Fédération franco-ténoise for the NWT and Newfoundland and Labrador Francophone Health Network: Link between researchers and communities.

Funding: CNFS, for Health Canada, Joint Research Chair of the University of Ottawa and the Institut du Savoir Montfort on the Health of Francophones in Ontario

The objectives of this research were to: a) document innovative initiatives to promote, prevent or provide early intervention for mental health in NL and NWT; b) understand which factors have helped or hindered these initiatives; c) identify the conditions necessary for a sustainable offer of French language services; and d) mobilize the knowledge acquired.
Conditions gagnantes pour une offre active de services en français efficace dans un milieu à faible densité de francophones : résultats d’une étude pilote
Research: Sauvé-Schenk, K., Savard, J., Prud’homme, D., Durand (Chiocchio), F., Delluc, C.

SSF collaboration: Funding, management committee and liaison with networks and providers to recruit sites.

Funding: Health Canada, through the Société Santé en français

This study sought to learn how administrators of health care institutions felt about an active offer services in French and their suggested solutions for change, from a collaborative research perspective. Specifically, the purpose of this pilot project was to examine the influence of health care institution administrators on the active offer of French-language services by the health professionals in their respective departments.
Ongoing research
Les besoins en santé des immigrants francophones: expressions, tendances et enjeux systémiques en Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon, Nunavut, Territoires du Nord-Ouest et Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
Research: Mulatris, P., MacLeod, A. and Grady, M. Network collaboration: Interprovincial/territorial co-operation and collaboration

Funding: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) through the SSF’s Santé immigration francophone project

Objectives: With reference to the social determinants of health and using qualitative research techniques, the research will focus on existing/emerging health care practices and inequalities experienced/perceived by these immigrants. The analysis of these inequalities will be followed by a study of the resulting social suffering. Institutions and stakeholders will be able to use the results of the research to develop culturally appropriate responses.
Health Workforce Language Data : An analysis of Data in Prvincial Regulatroy Registries
Research: Chantal Demers, Canadian Health Workforce Network

SSF collaboration: Funding, process validation and review

Objectives: Identify and catalogue information in databases, with the goal of promoting better data collection and contributing to a national strategy on the language variable.
Upcoming research
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