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Resources and Tools

Visit Savoir-santé to find hundreds of documents, tools, or files pertaining to the health of Francophone and Acadian communities!

About Savoir-Santé

Savoir-santé is an internet-based bilingual platform bringing together the most recent tools, studies and information on health in French in Canada. Born of the need to share information within the Mouvement Santé en français, this portal will be supported by the 16 health-in-French networks in the country and the Société Santé en français.

Savoir-Santé is a knowledge mobilization vehicle for all the movement’s partners. You’ll find information on health in various formats whether for a report or guide, a video or webinar for concrete examples or a link to a directory enabling you to stay abreast of the most relevant knowledge. 

There is a health in French network in your region, province or territory. To consult the list of networks, visit the Société Santé en français website.


Sans titre

Société Santé en français organizes series of webinars on issues relation to French-language health services. These webinars are recorded and available from our website. Please note that the majority of our webinars are in French.

Boîte à outils en mobilisation des connaissances

SSF’s Knowledge Mobilization Team has assembled and produced reference materials and templates to help with project planning and tracking. Please feel free to suggest others!